My Current Family- The Kaplans

kaplan family

I have another excuse for not posting! I’ve been having some issues with Photoshop that I haven’t been able to resolve, so I’m having to work around it. So sorry I’ve been so absent. I’ve been bouncing around and playing with all the new careers in Get To Work. Plus I’ve been so immersed in The Sim Supply’s Rags to Riches Challenge that I honestly have not had time to do anything much.

My most recent family is the Miller-Kaplan Family. I’ve already tried out the Detective and Doctor career (in one family and then separately), so I was already done with those, I thought I’d go back to my 100 Baby Challenge but then one night, I just decided to just start a new Legacy Family. I’m not using any particular set of rules or anything for this family. It’s not even a challenge, it’s just playing.

Let me just catch you up on this family. Mitchell Kaplan and Delilah Miller are my starting pair. Mitchell is actually a mix of Alexander Kaplan and a sim from the gallery who I’ve never been able to find again, but luckily saved in my library, his name is Jason Harvey (i think). So I created Mitchell with their genes, he got the jawline and squarish features from Jason, while his orange hair and eyes are from the Kaplan genes. Delilah is of course one of my sims, who I had originally paired up with Alexander Kaplan, by the way, he is available in the gallery.

So I moved them into Oasis Springs and Mitchell started in the Scientist Career. I have to say, I absolutely loved this career, far more than I ever expected. Just the amount of things you could do, the content that was only available with this career, and the madness of it all was great. While Mitchell worked, Delilah became a Stay-at-Home mom, which is actually her job. It actually lists her career as Stay at home mom which is pretty awesome. I think if you don’t have kids it just says Unemployed :).

So Mitchell worked hard in his career and they gradually updated the more traditional home into a more contemporary style. Delilah did alot of gardening to supplement Mitchell’s paycheck, which really helped early on. It was great that she kept up that gardening skill because later on the items from their garden were used to make his serums at work.

They had their first child Millicent and then a funny thing happened. They tried for another baby and they ended up both pregnant! With Twins! Its even more interesting because while they were both pregnant, she was still listed as the mother and he was the father but he was just carrying the babies. Dayana and Mariya were born to Delilah while Mitchell gave birth to Markus and Magnus. I like interesting names. Meanwhile Mitchell was abducted and came home pregnant with an alien baby and Delilah was also pregnant. She had baby Jax, while Mitchell had Xavier.

Millicent began to really annoy me, mostly because she kept sleeping in her parents bed. So I booted her out and took the annoying twin boys with her, that was the plan anyways, but Markus died in a barbecue grill fire. So Millicent and Magnus moved in with the Caliente Sisters, because….Don married Dayana. I seriously have a thing for Don Lothario. He’s my favorite. I always give him a makeover once he moves in though. A major makeover.

Eventually Don and Dayana moved into a house down the street from Mitchell and Delilah and they now have 6 kids. I moved them out and played their house for a bit and the odd male pregnancy happened with Don as well. That’s how they ended up with six kids! Their first set of kids, Dayana had Delia and Don gave birth to Daphne. Then I worked the household, advancing Don in his career, then they tried for another baby and once it was confirmed she was pregnant I went back to playing my original house. A few sim days later, I come back to play Don and Dayana, they had 4 more kids. 2 sets of twins! It was odd as well because I had no clue what sex they were. I had to to wait until they became children and I gave them makeovers as well as fixing their names. They had 3 boys Drake, Dominick and Donovan. The lone girl in the set is Danyella.

Meanwhile, I married Mariya off to a random sim and moved her into another household. She was almost as annoying as Millicent. After that whole thing with Don and Dayana, I ended up checking out my mods and cleared out most of them. After that, the game seems to have been fixed.

Delilah and Mitchell had 2 more children- Jax and Julliana. When Jax aged up to a young adult, I moved him and his half brother Xavier to Oasis Springs. Jax met Kylie and Xavier met Shay. Xavier is in the medical field while Shay is a detective. Jax and Kylie are the artistic couple, Jax is a writer and Kylie is a painter. They have one child- Karlie, with another on the way.

Since I’ve been playing Jax and Xavier’s houses, as they don’t live together anymore, they live across the street from each other. After Jax and Kylie’s baby was born I checked the family tree and noticed that Mitchell was now an elder. It made me so sad, I wanted to give him and Delilah another chance to be parents and to retire him from the Scientist profession. Currently Delilah is expecting and I hope she has a boy!


Finally preordered Get To Work

I’m so excited! All day I’ve been watching the videos and looking at screenshots of the new expansion pack. There was no doubt I would get it but I just haven’t gotten around to buying it yet. 

Some lucky content creators and simmers got to go to the EA preview at Redwood Shores and they brought back loads of information about the expansion, including the free update that includes basements! I honestly never thought I’d miss basements as much as I do. It’s really odd especially when you go back to playing Sims 3. I honestly didn’t play Sims 4 as much prior to Outdoor Retreat. Before Outdoor Retreat I was still going back and forth between the two and it was kinda confusing. I once spent almost an hour looking for an item in Sims 4 that was in Sims 3. But now I’m convinced to finally uninstall Sims 3 from my computer (and all that CC whew!) and exclusively play Sims 4. I sure won’t miss those insanely long loading screens. You know you’ve got a long wait ahead of you when the loading screens come with games. So farewell Sims 3, you’re still awesome but I’ve moved on!