New Project! New World


I’ve been thinking about doing this for awhile but since I’m so into building right now, I’ve decided to make my own custom world. This means everything from scratch. I’m starting off in my favorite section of Willow Creek. Since every town has 2 or 3 clusters with different lot sizes, I can make a range of homes in a certain theme or have similar styles. I’ve always felt Willow Creek was more of a suburban area, very quaint and with a lot of traditional style homes. This section has 5 lots, which will include a starter home (20 x 15) , 3 mid-level homes (20 x 30) and finally the larger lot (40 x 30) for a big family home. I may actually do 2 starters, 2 mids and the large home. Obviously starters will have to be less than $20k, the mid range homes will be up to $40k and the larger home can be over $100K. These homes have to be furnished or if not furnished be sufficient for someone to move in and furnish it with their starting balance. Oh and another thing, these homes must be landscaped. So if you’re not following along-

Willow Creek Neighborhood 1-

-2 Starter Homes under $20k, 2 Mid-Level Homes up to $40k and 1 large home worth over $100k.

-Must be landscaped and furnished or landscaped and have enough left over to furnish (for starter homes)

-Must have similar style, be it a roof style, exterior wall look, features, etc. Think of it as a neighborhood theme. They don’t have to be cookie cutter homes but the style of the neighborhood is important, ie no modern style homes next to a victorian style home.

I know there are probably challenges like this already but this is just my own personal challenge. In my neighborhood, all the homes will have Tree Themed Names. Just felt kinda fitting.


News: Basements are coming today!

I heard it through the twitter vine that basements are going to be released today as part of an update. I’ll probably be working when the update comes out but that’s no biggie. I don’t work that late anyways and you know I’ll be updating my game on my lunch time! 

One of the reasons I’m so excited for basements is that I love one story homes. I know you still have to go through different levels and use the up and down arrows when you have basements but I love not having to have more than one level above ground. And you get 2 basement levels! So I can keep the one level small and asthetically pleasing and cram all the necessary stuff for living downstairs! Image a studio or a cottage upstairs and like six bedrooms downstairs! I’m totally redoing my challenge house. 

I love that EA chose to release this prior to the Get To Work Expansion, it gives us something to play with while we wait for the big reveal. Plus if you choose not to get the expansion at least you have something new to bide your time with. 

And the best news for me…tomorrow is my Friday so I’ll have plenty of time to play with this after work. Maybe I’ll even leave an hour or two early. Yay!