New House: Brynne 2


So I’m back to my challenge. I had to take some time off to play Get to Work, I’ve explored the new careers and experimented with having a shop. A bakery of course. Things I wouldn’t be able to do in my 100 Baby Challenge. I did do a bit of cheating though, I will admit, because I brought Annabelle back from the dead and took pictures with her. I used CAS to age her down and then will age her up to an elder and move her out once Brynne is a young adult. She is almost ready to age up. Because the teens weren’t getting A’s no matter how hard I tried, this part took a little longer to get through. So Brynne managed to get alot of skills, which is awesome. I had her start writing books when she was a teen so we can start making money for the next generation. Plus after Annabelle died, we lost her book money so that sucked.

Anyways, before I could start on Brynne’s generation I did change up the house, unfortunately by the time Brynne was even close to taking over, I had changed my mind and decided I didn’t like it, so I created the new house. It’s a 2 bedroom (remember one bedroom has 7 beds), 6 bath house. The main level has 3 bathrooms, and one large bedroom for Brynne. The lower level has more of an entertainment area 3 more bathrooms and whatever junk I couldn’t fit upstairs.

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New House: Starting Out

Starting Out

So as you know, I started my 100 Baby Challenge today and since I really didn’t want to have to search for a new house I just made my own small one. Since I only had $20k to start out with, including the lot I didn’t have a ton to work with. I just created a small one story house with a front porch. I figure I have to start painting so get money so I have an easel in the front room, as well as a small kitchen with dining room and bathroom large enough to expand it to fit a tub. This is the perfect lot to do this challenge with as it is near a fishing spot and there is a high amount of traffic with the park behind the house. Unlike the Hallow Slough lot, the fishing spot is right outside and not behind the lot. It is available for download in the Gallery. My sim id is Terryannt!

New House: A Little More Traditional



I’ve been creating more and more houses lately as I feel that I just could find houses that would fit my sims. This house was different as I created it with no one in mind. I was definitely inspired by the Craftsman style roofs, I loved the symmetry. I couldn’t quite duplicate more of the craftsman style as we are still limited with building in the sims. Roofs are still the most difficult parts of the builds for me, I can never get them right. That’s one of the reasons I love this house, it’s symmetrical so there was no special work on the roof.

More Photos and a little tour of the ground floor after the cut.  Continue reading