Willow Creek Home- Larchwood


This build is special to me for one reason, it’s inspired by my home. I live on Larchwood, so it was kinda neat to find out there was a tree called the Larch, it’s like a fir tree, and since they didn’t specifically have Larch Firs in the the game, i just used the firs they had as the lot landscaping.

The empty lot is $18,121 but I advised people to sell plants if necessary to furnish the home. The furnished home costs $25, 885. It’s got 2 bedrooms, and one bath with an extra room to turn into either as needed. It only uses up half the lot so it can very easily be expanded.

04-24-15_5-17 PM

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Willow Creek Home – Ponderosa


This house is brown. With a brown roof, roof trim, brown floors, brown pillars and blue wallpaper with brown trim!

I started this house with a nice facade in mind. Halfway through building it, I flipped it sideways and instead made a porch. I was kinda tired of having a front porch with railings so instead I experimented with a semi closed off porch with arches, then I made the same effect by using pillars, no railings and adding spandrels.

I named this house after the Ponderosa Pine, still maintaining a similar style to the other two houses but having a more rustic feel. As the Ponderosa makes me think of western movies and such. It’s similar in style to the Magnolia as the bottom floor is basically for entertaining and the bedrooms are upstairs. This is also a mid-level home with the empty house costing around $42K. I kinda went a little overboard and the furnished house is $126K, as a compromise, I’m going to make 2 cheaper homes. Maybe.

04-22-15_11-29 PM 

The house during day, closeup. The namesake Ponderosa Pine tree on the left. 

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New House: Brynne


There was a game update released which included basements and of course I had to redo the house. This time for the next generation. I’m just biding my time as Brynne just became a teenager, I’m having her collect the Easter eggs and once she get the A, I will age actually actively clean out the house of her siblings and move them on. 

Brynne’s home is red with only one level. At first glance it looks like a single bedroom home but underneath is the kids area which includes 7 beds in one bedroom, a pool and a skills area. 

TBH, it might look like I didn’t spend much time on it but this took me forever to do. I love the charming cottage look. 

New House The Small Lot, Big House


I’m not happy with my Divided house. I’m tired of constantly having to go up and down. Especially now that I don’t have a full house, it’s easy to lose my sims. So last night I began building again. I was inspired by the homes in Berkeley. My extended family lives in Berkeley and I love driving around and getting inspiration. I wanted a smaller house but I need the space so someday I’ll make this house in a smaller version.

03-21-15_7-25 PM

I’m very proud of the roof line, it actually looks okay and i did have to put an extra room up there but it’s okay.

03-21-15_7-26 PM

The back of the house is odd, I was originally going to call it the odd house but I scrapped that name. The house is where I most everything happens since the family spend the majority of the time either in the computer room, in their rooms or trying to get Annabelle’s attention.

03-21-15_7-26 PM-2