Willow Creek Home- Larchwood


This build is special to me for one reason, it’s inspired by my home. I live on Larchwood, so it was kinda neat to find out there was a tree called the Larch, it’s like a fir tree, and since they didn’t specifically have Larch Firs in the the game, i just used the firs they had as the lot landscaping.

The empty lot is $18,121 but I advised people to sell plants if necessary to furnish the home. The furnished home costs $25, 885. It’s got 2 bedrooms, and one bath with an extra room to turn into either as needed. It only uses up half the lot so it can very easily be expanded.

04-24-15_5-17 PM

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Update 100 Baby Challenge: Tragedy Strikes!

There’s a bit of a lull to the challenge now as I have to wait for Brynne to grow up and take over the challenge, so I usually just let it play while I’m doing other things. Lo and behold I was walking by and I heard that dreaded music! Annabelle died! She had already aged up to an elder and I was waiting for all the kids to age up and then she would leave with them to another house, taking away the huge payments she was getting from her book sales. I don’t know exactly what happened but I think she had the dangerously low energy moodlet and then died of embarrassment. Maybe it wasn’t embarrassment, all I know is that if you’re already in the red then something else happens like embarrassment or electric shock, your sims die. Poor Annabelle! 

Update 100 Baby Challenge: Annabelle’s last babies


Annabelle with her last 2 babies I’ve managed to squeeze in.

Fifteenth Pregnancy: Father- Isaac Levine

Vance Fox-Levine

Sixteenth Pregnancy: Father- Pelham Fleig

Willa Fox-Fleig

Seventeenth Pregnancy: Father- Thane Vakarian 

Xara Fox-Vakarian

Eighteenth Pregnancy: Father- Omar Starks

Yelena Fox-Starks

Zora Fox-Starks

Nineteenth Pregnancy: Father- Joey Byrd

Antony Fox-Byrd

Brynne Fox

I’ve kept Brynne’s last name as Fox because she is our heiress. Now Annabelle will be aging and then raising the rest of the kids and then moving out once Brynne is a young adult.

Final Baby Total (Annabelle): 28

Update 100 Baby Challenge: Goodbye Ophelia. (and Penelope)


Ophelia ages up and says goodbye to Tristan.

I was so busy with work and running errands yesterday that I didn’t get much time to play. So it took a little longer for Ophelia and her twin Penelope to age up. It seems so hard to find new men in town as they’re all aging up and since there’s no story progression they’re not marrying and having kids.

Twelfth Pregnancy- Father: Zeph Cayman

Serena Fox-Cayman

Thirteenth Pregnancy- Father: Aron Barnes

Tristan Fox-Barnes

Again I’m not happy with the house. I should have called this the 100 Baby and house building challenge. I’m tired of 2 level houses again. I’m gonna start on a single level house. Not sure if I’m gonna stay on this lot or move though.

Update 100 Baby Challenge: I think the game is catching on!


Quinn & Ophelia playing. 

Last night when I got back into the lot from moving the various kids around town, the lot loaded and I had an extra person standing in my yard. At first I thought it was one of those pesky kids I had sent off on their way but it was someone new! Who happened to have red hair! He was a gift to Annabelle haha, they quickly got to know each other and that’s how we got Ryan Fox-Scott! What a heartwarming story that Annabelle can tell her grandkids.

Oh oops, also we had another kid so we’ve actually had two babies since I last updated.

Tenth Pregnancy- Father: Aiden Lawrence

Quinn Fox-Lawrence

Eleventh Pregnancy- Father: Garrus Scott

Ryan Fox-Scott

Oh and guess what!

03-18-15_2-46 AM

Logan finally got that A!

Update 100 Baby Challenge: C’mon Logan!


Get that A already! So since I’ve completed the uploaded version of this house, I went back to playing the 100 Baby Challenge. When we left off we had a pregnant Annabelle and 4 teens in the house, twins Kendall and Logan and another set of twins Mikael and Nikolas. I’ve had the teens living downstairs and doing their homework and extra credit, their skills are where they should be. Amazingly Mikael and Nikolas got their A’s and moved on. Another set of twins was born!

Ninth Pregnancy- Father: Rylan Chase

Ophelia Fox-Chase

Penelope Fox-Chase

So I moved those kids downstairs after they aged up and finally Kendall got her A, so she moved on. Still nothing for Logan. I swear, he’ll still be there for the next generation. Meanwhile I looked around town and found a lot of elderly sims, and managed to meet someone, it sure helps that Annabelle has the Enchanted Greeting. So she’s on her tenth pregnancy now!