Happy St. Paddy’s Day!


Just a little post from me! Hope you all have a fun and safe St. Paddy’s Day! Or if you celebrated over the weekend,  hope you had a blast!

I checked up on some of the kids and Cecelia is married now to David Collins, of course I didn’t play them for the birth of their kid and now their son is named Rigoberto Collins. There’s nothing wrong with that name, it just doesn’t flow. Like some of these names are great, for instance Ivan married Nina Caliente and their kids name is Ignacio, or maybe that’s Don and Dina’s kid, I forget lol. Either way Ignacio Lothario is a nice name.

I swear I haven’t been drinking.


Fire! Ooh Cool Sprinklers!


Poor Georgina! I think she was making eggs and then this happened. I bought the sprinkler system for the house, I usually do but my sims have never had to use them. So when G caught on fire I waited. She just stood there for the longest time, I though she might die but then the sprinklers came on and didn’t wanna stop. As you can see I also had the fire alarm but it just made noise and of course won’t do much. It really helped that everyone just ran to safety lol so thank goodness I did have the sprinkler system. I put it in after Donovan set himself alight. It’s neat how the sprinklers just pop up. Highly recommend them!