Update 100 Baby Challenge: Waiting…

Just a quick update as nothing has happened. For some reason even if their school performance is high, and they do their homework, the kids are not getting A’s so I can’t age them up. I’ve removed the mods and hopefully that fixes it. I can’t seem to garden now either. I tell them to go water and they just won’t, so I don’t know. 

Willa and Xara aged up when they normally would instead of when they got A’s. 4 teens now in the house with Brynne. I’ll move them out as soon as they all age. 

In other news I’m prepping a family for Get To Work when it comes out on Tuesday, I’m so excited! I can’t decide who to use. But for today until Tuesday I’m gonna work on their house and skills. 


News: Basements are coming today!

I heard it through the twitter vine that basements are going to be released today as part of an update. I’ll probably be working when the update comes out but that’s no biggie. I don’t work that late anyways and you know I’ll be updating my game on my lunch time! 

One of the reasons I’m so excited for basements is that I love one story homes. I know you still have to go through different levels and use the up and down arrows when you have basements but I love not having to have more than one level above ground. And you get 2 basement levels! So I can keep the one level small and asthetically pleasing and cram all the necessary stuff for living downstairs! Image a studio or a cottage upstairs and like six bedrooms downstairs! I’m totally redoing my challenge house. 

I love that EA chose to release this prior to the Get To Work Expansion, it gives us something to play with while we wait for the big reveal. Plus if you choose not to get the expansion at least you have something new to bide your time with. 

And the best news for me…tomorrow is my Friday so I’ll have plenty of time to play with this after work. Maybe I’ll even leave an hour or two early. Yay!

Happy St. Paddy’s Day!


Just a little post from me! Hope you all have a fun and safe St. Paddy’s Day! Or if you celebrated over the weekend,  hope you had a blast!

I checked up on some of the kids and Cecelia is married now to David Collins, of course I didn’t play them for the birth of their kid and now their son is named Rigoberto Collins. There’s nothing wrong with that name, it just doesn’t flow. Like some of these names are great, for instance Ivan married Nina Caliente and their kids name is Ignacio, or maybe that’s Don and Dina’s kid, I forget lol. Either way Ignacio Lothario is a nice name.

I swear I haven’t been drinking.

Update 100 Baby Challenge: Finally some movement!


This house has been full for way too long! Finally I worked super hard on getting the Lothario Triplets aged up to teens and then wouldn’t you know it, only two days later and they’re ready to age up to YA’s! Both sets of twins are finally able to age up as well so they will be teens and then we can have more babies!

Annabelle has been making more masterpieces finally and of course now I’ve decided to get her into writing. It’s much nicer to have a constant amount of money coming in and supplementing it with painting. Seriously the most annoying part of this challenge to me now is having to constantly bake these cakes. I do get multiple uses out of one cake, unless of course someone grabs a piece before you can add more candles.

Eighth Pregnancy- Father: Rylan Chase

Ophelia Fox-Chase

Penelope Fox-Chase

Finally preordered Get To Work

I’m so excited! All day I’ve been watching the videos and looking at screenshots of the new expansion pack. There was no doubt I would get it but I just haven’t gotten around to buying it yet. 

Some lucky content creators and simmers got to go to the EA preview at Redwood Shores and they brought back loads of information about the expansion, including the free update that includes basements! I honestly never thought I’d miss basements as much as I do. It’s really odd especially when you go back to playing Sims 3. I honestly didn’t play Sims 4 as much prior to Outdoor Retreat. Before Outdoor Retreat I was still going back and forth between the two and it was kinda confusing. I once spent almost an hour looking for an item in Sims 4 that was in Sims 3. But now I’m convinced to finally uninstall Sims 3 from my computer (and all that CC whew!) and exclusively play Sims 4. I sure won’t miss those insanely long loading screens. You know you’ve got a long wait ahead of you when the loading screens come with games. So farewell Sims 3, you’re still awesome but I’ve moved on!