Gameplay tips! 


The Shine On Ambitions lamp which provides Inspiring Decor and the Mathematical Diagram which provides Focusing Ambiance. 

I watch a lot of Let’s Plays on YouTube and some of the most underused items that I don’t see which are available are the lamps which give off auras. I used to under utilize these myself but after realizing their potential I use them in all my houses. These lamps are basically rewards from Sims 3 expansion purchases. When they had a sale at Origin over the holidays I purchased the expansions I didn’t have. So I received all the lamps in my game as a gift. Some are just for decoration but some have an emotional aura that you can enable. For example the University lamp gives off a Focused aura which I put in the entryway so when the kids leave they get the focused emotion. For the bedroom I use the red one, which gives a flirty emotion and really helps when you’re trying to seduce a sim. And for painting I always buy the Inspired one to help my sims when they’re painting. There are of course other items which your sims can study to get those emotions.

They absolutely make your life easier and help when trying to gain skill points or earn money, and with job performance. So if you’re lucky enough to have these lamps, use them. Or make sure you enable the auras for your items.