About me

My name is Terryann and I’ve been playing the Sims games since it came out. What really attracted me to the game was the idea of being able to build homes and manage my sims lives. In a way it’s kind of a refuge anytime life was crazy. It’s nice being able to have some control over something. 

I’ve owned and played all of the Sims games, even The Sims Online which was a blast. I only really got out of playing The Sims when I joined Second Life and that was primarily because of my frustration with The Sims and when Second Life was created, it was all I had expected The Sims Online to be but never happened. But now I’m back into it with the Sims 4. Of course I originally could not even believe what Sims 4 was all about when I first got it. I even refused to be sucked back in, yet here I am. 

I’ll be posting my new creations on here as well as links to my YouTube page when I finally start my channel. Hopefully you find it entertaining and download some of my creations. 


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