Willow Creek Home – Ponderosa


This house is brown. With a brown roof, roof trim, brown floors, brown pillars and blue wallpaper with brown trim!

I started this house with a nice facade in mind. Halfway through building it, I flipped it sideways and instead made a porch. I was kinda tired of having a front porch with railings so instead I experimented with a semi closed off porch with arches, then I made the same effect by using pillars, no railings and adding spandrels.

I named this house after the Ponderosa Pine, still maintaining a similar style to the other two houses but having a more rustic feel. As the Ponderosa makes me think of western movies and such. It’s similar in style to the Magnolia as the bottom floor is basically for entertaining and the bedrooms are upstairs. This is also a mid-level home with the empty house costing around $42K. I kinda went a little overboard and the furnished house is $126K, as a compromise, I’m going to make 2 cheaper homes. Maybe.

04-22-15_11-29 PM 

The house during day, closeup. The namesake Ponderosa Pine tree on the left. 

04-22-15_11-32 PM 

A view from the middle of the first floor into the formal dining room. I originally had a wall there with arches but the chairs couldn’t be placed at the table with the arch openings. The room would have been massive if I had made that work, so instead I opened it up and added spandrels on the inside, bringing the theme indoors.

04-22-15_11-33 PM 

The view from the stairs into the kitchen and dining room. There’s a small dining table in the kitchen, kinda like a breakfast nook but not a nook. 

04-22-15_11-33 PM-2 04-22-15_11-34 PM-2

Teenagers room maybe? Double bed, across from a dresser. Nothing too exciting but I was glad to have another bed that works with the style I was going for.  

04-22-15_11-35 PM 

Twin boys room. I was going to go for a neutral room but they didn’t really have a more neutral looking set of colors.

04-22-15_11-36 PM-2 

The Master Suite. Of course it features my favorite closet style room. It’s basically a 2×4 room with a dresser and the hanging clothing items. It’s in between the room and the master bathroom. 

04-22-15_11-37 PM-2 04-22-15_11-37 PM-3 04-22-15_11-38 PM

The view at night. I go a little crazy with the lights in front specifically so the whole front of the house lights up like this. I love it. It may be a bit much but if you download it, you can always sell those lights. Btw- that’s 11 lights on the front. 😁


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