Getting Ready for Work!

I’m so ridiculously excited for this new expansion. It’s kinda funny how I’m so into Sims 4 after initially hating it when it first came out. Now I never shut it off it seems. Literally, it’s running on my computer almost 24/7, yeah we have multiple computers so I never have to share. The only major annoyance is from any updates that automatically restart my computer.

Oh my god, my train of thought has derailed! Anyways, I’ve decided to put the 100 Baby Challenge on hold for the week, or at least a few days while I play up my new house. It’s not really new tbh, I just created my Get To Work house with Willa and Brynne, found them some boy toys on the exchange and moved them into Willow Creek. I’m probably going to be creating a new house for them to pass the time and then enter them into the new careers once GTW comes out. Brynne is for sure going to own a retail store, her hubby what’s his face is going to be a cop, while Willa will be a doctor and uh her husband will be a scientist. I’m so good with details right?


Update 100 Baby Challenge: Waiting…

Just a quick update as nothing has happened. For some reason even if their school performance is high, and they do their homework, the kids are not getting A’s so I can’t age them up. I’ve removed the mods and hopefully that fixes it. I can’t seem to garden now either. I tell them to go water and they just won’t, so I don’t know. 

Willa and Xara aged up when they normally would instead of when they got A’s. 4 teens now in the house with Brynne. I’ll move them out as soon as they all age. 

In other news I’m prepping a family for Get To Work when it comes out on Tuesday, I’m so excited! I can’t decide who to use. But for today until Tuesday I’m gonna work on their house and skills. 

New House: Brynne


There was a game update released which included basements and of course I had to redo the house. This time for the next generation. I’m just biding my time as Brynne just became a teenager, I’m having her collect the Easter eggs and once she get the A, I will age actually actively clean out the house of her siblings and move them on. 

Brynne’s home is red with only one level. At first glance it looks like a single bedroom home but underneath is the kids area which includes 7 beds in one bedroom, a pool and a skills area. 

TBH, it might look like I didn’t spend much time on it but this took me forever to do. I love the charming cottage look. 

News: Basements are coming today!

I heard it through the twitter vine that basements are going to be released today as part of an update. I’ll probably be working when the update comes out but that’s no biggie. I don’t work that late anyways and you know I’ll be updating my game on my lunch time! 

One of the reasons I’m so excited for basements is that I love one story homes. I know you still have to go through different levels and use the up and down arrows when you have basements but I love not having to have more than one level above ground. And you get 2 basement levels! So I can keep the one level small and asthetically pleasing and cram all the necessary stuff for living downstairs! Image a studio or a cottage upstairs and like six bedrooms downstairs! I’m totally redoing my challenge house. 

I love that EA chose to release this prior to the Get To Work Expansion, it gives us something to play with while we wait for the big reveal. Plus if you choose not to get the expansion at least you have something new to bide your time with. 

And the best news for me…tomorrow is my Friday so I’ll have plenty of time to play with this after work. Maybe I’ll even leave an hour or two early. Yay!

Update 100 Baby Challenge: Tragedy Strikes!

There’s a bit of a lull to the challenge now as I have to wait for Brynne to grow up and take over the challenge, so I usually just let it play while I’m doing other things. Lo and behold I was walking by and I heard that dreaded music! Annabelle died! She had already aged up to an elder and I was waiting for all the kids to age up and then she would leave with them to another house, taking away the huge payments she was getting from her book sales. I don’t know exactly what happened but I think she had the dangerously low energy moodlet and then died of embarrassment. Maybe it wasn’t embarrassment, all I know is that if you’re already in the red then something else happens like embarrassment or electric shock, your sims die. Poor Annabelle! 

Update 100 Baby Challenge: Annabelle’s last babies


Annabelle with her last 2 babies I’ve managed to squeeze in.

Fifteenth Pregnancy: Father- Isaac Levine

Vance Fox-Levine

Sixteenth Pregnancy: Father- Pelham Fleig

Willa Fox-Fleig

Seventeenth Pregnancy: Father- Thane Vakarian 

Xara Fox-Vakarian

Eighteenth Pregnancy: Father- Omar Starks

Yelena Fox-Starks

Zora Fox-Starks

Nineteenth Pregnancy: Father- Joey Byrd

Antony Fox-Byrd

Brynne Fox

I’ve kept Brynne’s last name as Fox because she is our heiress. Now Annabelle will be aging and then raising the rest of the kids and then moving out once Brynne is a young adult.

Final Baby Total (Annabelle): 28